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L’allevamento Mularoni’s House SHAR-PEI presenta i nuovi natiPuppies Mularoni’s House November 2012


Il 5 Novembre 2012 sono nati 5 cuccioli shar-pei Mularoni’s House

4 maschi + 1 femmina

Shar-pei puppies have new homeI cuccioli shar-pei Mularoni’s house vanno nella nuova casa

cucciolo maschio shar-pei

3 puppies Mularoni’s House go to thier new home shar.peis borned on June 5th 2012 from Ch.Bingtang Mularoni’s House  Ch.Stoneys true Mark of the League TU (male  Bologna) GOU (femmale  Udine) HOU (female Modena). Hallo puppies , go to your new home and be happy:  We wait you here in RSM females shar-pei E’ con …

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3 puppies shar-pei Mularoni’s House (San Marino)Sono nati 3 cuccioli shar-pei Mularoni’s House

cuccioli shar-pei

3 beautiful shar-pei puppies were born in Rep.San Marino by Mularoni’s House Kennel on June 5th 2012.  2 females and 1 male Ch.Bingtang Hulu Mualroni’s House (mum) stay OK and puppies grow  up very well for info please contact  Mularoni’s House Shar-pei  Kennel Rep.San Marino il 5 giugno 2012 sono nati 3 splendidi cuccioli fulvi …

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available 1 Shar-pei puppy maledisponibile 1 maschio cucciolo shar-pei presso Allevamento Mularoni’s House

by our Mularoni’s House Kennel in San Marino. one male puppy shar-pei is available . he was  born on 24th September 2011 . For any information please contact, email Or get in touch with Elena at num: +39 338/5000005  home: +378 0549/878177 1 maschio cucciolo shar-pei nato il 24 settembre 2011 presso allevamento Mularoni’s House …

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